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Our Customers have been very pleased with the quality of work
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Thank u. I will put the check in the mail when I get home today. Thanks again for the quick turn around on the second batch. 

Hey John, hope things are going well for you.  As you remember, for Christmas you prepared a “quick DVD” of 7 (or 8?) Super reels so I would have something to give my wife.  It was a hit! - Len

 John - You are the salt of the earth. Very talented, Everyone loved the slideshow, thanks.
- Barry
John - Working with you was a pleasure.  I didn't want to send any of the films out because on one of them is the only footage I have of my father.  He was killed in an accident in 1982.  To me those 10 second of him playing with me as a baby are priceless.  I appreciate you working with me when I requested to drop the films off and pick them up.  I can't believe how clear the film was restored to upon the conversion and how vibrant you made the color. Thank you, Michelle B.

I reviewed the DVD, I thought the quality and overall deliverable was
great.  Thanks.  I know that you added a lot of value of those
transfers. - Sean M

My Dad is still talking about how it's the best gift/Xmas he has had in a very long time, and is genuinely so very happy and thrilled with the gift. I haven't seen him this happy about a gift EVER! Hats off to you John, You're the MAN!!!!
 - Kim

Thank you for your typically excellent work with the DVDs.   They arrived safely.  I played one today and the quality is excellent- you really are good!
Kind Regards, Lisa Miller (from the show Psychic Kids)

I am Dan P.  Thank you for the great work.  The video is awesome! 

Fabulous! I love it especially the way the picture frames look. Very Artistic, I can't wait to show my whole family.
Photo Montage w/embedded video and multiple pictures - Rosalie

Valentines gift for my wife. Wonderful, the clarity is amazing, it's so clear. They came out great.
8mm film transfer - Mort

received the package this morning and couldn't hardly wait to  play it.  It was more than I imagined.  The menu is perfect.  I  love the fact that you  lightened some of the pics.  I saw things  that I missed in the original pics. Again my sincere thanks for a job well done. Mary Ann

They looked wonderful, my girlfriend loved them! - Super 8 Conversion (surprise gift)- Chip

Hi John.
I just wanted to get back to you to let you know how very much my husband and I enjoyed watching our wedding!!  He thought it was such a great idea to do.  Even though I have no idea how you do the transfer and what is involved, the quality of the DVD and VHS tape were great along with the vibrant colors.  It will surely be a heirloom for my children.  My 87 year old mother also enjoyed watching it, as she was able to see her own parents, along with brothers and sisters that have passed on. The only thing I would have changed would have been the music. All in all it was great! - Rose

Thank you, Thank You , Thank you, WOW!!! I am soooo very pleased with the DVD's, you truly did a wonderful job, far beyond my expectations, and the music made all the difference! - 8 mm & Super 8 Film Conversion - Kim from Chicago

Thanks for the DVD! I’m a working mom and was not able to get into my daughters
class often. This really gave me insight into the year. It was beautifully
done and we appreciate the effort. What a great remembrance of the year!
Thank - you again for doing this. We'll call you if we can ever use your

Thanks John for all your hard work Editing my shows - Tonja Walker (Actress: One Life to Live, Passions)

Beyond my expectations, you made my Christmas wish come true!

8mm & Photo Montage - Patty V

The CD was a hit.  I watched most of it myself.  I thought the production was excellent. 

I just finished watching it and I I can't even talk right now! I was in tears watching it, Awesome job!
Photo Montage for an 80th Birthday - Mary V

Hi! We picked up the DVD's last night. They look beautiful! Thanks so much for doing such a great job on them and so quickly.

I loved the way you did the pictures on the front of the DVD, wonderful!
Tape Transfer - Ileane

Thank you for the great work. The video is awesome!
Video Editing - Dan P

I LOVE IT!, I LOVE IT!, I LOVE IT! The pictures look wonderful, I can't believe they came out so good. You have just created our family heirloom.
8mm film transfer - Marie G

Very nice, very clear picture. I'm fascinated by your work.
8mm film transfer - Mort

Very clear picture, The music is great and goes with good with the picture.
8mm film transfer - Joe

Everyone loved the DVD, I might have to get more copies!
Tape Transfers and 50 copies - Cathy

The clips looked wonderful! I'll have to have you do my home videos
Video Editing to make QT files - Dyann

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