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Convert VHS to DVD in Connecticut or Convert 8mm to DVD

Do you have VHS tapes from the 1980’s or 8mm tapes from the 1990’s? If you do then don’t wait any longer to do a tape transfer. These tapes are 30 years old and are degrading quickly. The best solution is to have us convert your VHS tape, 8mm tape , or mini dv tape to DVD as soon as possible! Don’t panic, your tapes are probably still good or salvageable but they won’t last for long. Call me today so I can transfer your tapes to DVD or a flash drive. Converting them to DVD will preserve the memories for generations to come.

What will happen to my VHS or 8mm Tapes if I don’t Convert my Tapes to DVD?

Research has shown that Video Tape quality starts to degrade rapidly after 10 years even under ideal conditions. Our research has also shown that some quality is lost every-time your VHS tape or 8mm tape is played. This type of loss goes unnoticed until it's very obvious and too late. Remember those rented tapes? They were often very poor quality because they were played many times? Don't let this happen to you, transferring your VHS tapes and 8mm tapes or even mini dv tapes to DVD will give you peace of mind.

Why use Create my DVD Service to Convert or Transfer your Tapes?

Our Prices are low and our quality standards are very high. I have spent hours on end developing a low cost process for tape to DVD that passes my rigid standards. Sure, you may find someone to match my prices but you will not get the same quality of video on your DVD or Digital file.  

Convert 8mm to DVD CT or VHS to DVD or Tapes to Flash Drive or Hard Drive.

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Converting VHS to DVD is the most common method. However, tapes can also be transferred to flash drives or portable hard disk or both. DVD’s can be played over and over without any loss of quality. They are however without fault as they can be scratched or broken, because of this I always recommend that you order a DVD backup. Put this back in a safe location and do not play it. If the original DVD transfer gets damaged, you have a backup! If you do use you backup, call me to get another backup and safely store it away.

Transferring digital Camera’s or Video Camera’s to DVD.

Most cameras today have an SD card or Memory card to store recorded video. Remove the SD card or memory card and bring it to me to transfer your video to DVD. Please store the SD or memory card in the anti static case before dropping it off or shipping. Some camera’s have a built in hard drive or memory. The best solution is to bring me the entire camera and charger to I can transfer the camera to DVD.

Tape Pulled out , Damaged or Broken?

Don’t worry! This is fixable at a very small cost. We’ll fix your tape and give it a new case if needed. Then we’ll transfer it to DVD so your memories will be preserved for a lifetime.

We Transfer all tape formats below:

  • VHS Tapes (First tapes for for recording video after 8mm film)
  • VHS-C (Compact version of VHS, Usually played using a VHS adapter)
  • 8mm Tape (These tapes were popular after VHS tapes. Slightly larger than a cassette tape)
  • Hi 8, Hi8 Tape (Higher quality version of the 8mm tape)
  • Digital8, D8 (Also know as D8 or Digital 8, Sony’s popular format after Hi8 tapes)
  • Mini DV (Last generation of Digital tapes)
  • Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, MA are all within one hour of us for drop off.

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We transfer most memory cards to DVD:

  • Send us the Camera if it has an internal drive
  • SD Card
  • Min SD Card
  • Compact-Flash I and II
  • IBM Microdrive
  • Smart Media
  • Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Magic-Gate Memory Stick
  • MultiMedia Card
  • Secure Digital
  • xD-Picture card

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