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110, 126 and 35mm Slide Scanning

We take pride in our slide scanning process. Our goal is to give you the best looking slide transfer from your slides as possible. We achieve this by using only professional equipment such as our the Nikon Coolscan 5000 to get the best slide scan results. I will personally handle your slide transfer with delicate care. If your looking for photo’s from your slides, We can upload your converted digital slides and have them printed for you or you could be more selective and upload them from a DVD.

Highest Quality Negative & 35mm Slide Scanning

Our slide scanning transfer process produces very high quality slide scans only to be slightly bumped by a very
scan slides to dvd
expensive process called drum scanning. We offer several options of quality for your slide transfer which are explained in more detail below. Basically, your slide film is made up of dyes that can fade or shift. This results in poor color quality when your film is scanned. Good news! The slide scanner process we use can correct for this shifting of color. The automatic method called ROC/GEN is acceptable for most people that just want to be able to share their memories again. For those more demanding for the best slide scan, a manual color correction method should be used. When it comes to manual correction, this is an art. It can not be done properly by just anyone. I have been involved in photography for decades and I apply my skill to your slide scan correction for the best possible photo. The best service is not always what you need, I'll help you choose the best slide scan transfer option for your project.

Slides safely cleaned before scanning

convert slides to photos
Before scanning, your slides are cleaned with low pressure air to remove any dust that may have collected on your slides. This is the safest way to clean slides. Because slide film is enclosed in a frame, we do not clean your slide with chemicals as this would only push the dirt around possibly scratching the film or making streaks on the film slide. Your slides are then scanned at a very high resolution using our Professional film scanner with digital ICE technology. ICE digitally removes any dust in the scan image that may have been left on the slide. ICE doesn’t actually clean your slide, it’s a process that uses light to check for dust left on a slide then removes it from the digital image. This result in a very clean, sharp digital image of your slides.

White Balance / Color Correction

After we complete your slide scanning project, all digital images are then examined for proper rotation and cropping. If you chose our manual correction option, they will also be checked and adjusted for proper white balance and color correction. I will perform this manually using software tools until the picture looks it's best. This correction is critical to your slides looking their best (Examples below).

Don’t discard your slides, we can bring them back

The images below were corrected using our manual color correction method, these slides were over 30 years old when they were
converting slides to digital
scanned. The owner of the slides was about to discard many of them because he thought they were beyond repair. After I color corrected his slides manually, he was simply amazed by the results and very thankful that he used our slide scanning services instead of discarding his slides. This is just a small sample of 1000's of slides we scanned for a small CT town's picnics and are now preserved to digital images on DVD for the town to remember.

Options to choose from:

Option 1
ROC/GEN - Auto white balance / color correction.
JPEG file type - Compressed image with high quality, Small, compatible image

Option 2
Manual - Manual white balance / color correction.
TIFF file type - Professional, uncompressed, all data remains in file, large file size

After project is completed

ll your slides will be returned. All work is done on site, nothing is sent out, ever!

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