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Convert 8mm to DVD Connecticut Professional Film Service

Our customers love our Film Transfer Service. That's because the final product is usually much better than they were expecting. Such results only come from experience, time and professional film transfer hardware. We scan your 8mm film and Super 8 film in high definition using a professional 8mm to dvd converter “film scanner”. This produces a much higher resolution then the film itself so every pixel is scanned resulting in the most amazing quality you will ever see from your reels. The professional 8mm to dvd converter was originally designed for use in Hollywood by the Movie Academy Film Archive, and now Create my DVD uses that same professional film unit to convert your reels.

transfer film to DVD convert 8mm film to DVD

John - Working with you was a pleasure. My father was killed in an accident in 1982 and to me those 10 second of him playing with me as a baby are priceless. I appreciate you working with me when I requested to drop the films off and pick them up. I can't believe how clear the film was restored to upon the conversion and how vibrant you made the color.

Thank you, Michelle B. from CT
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Our Frame by Frame Film to DVD Transfer CT, NY, NJ, MA,

All Super 8 Film reels and 8mm Film reels are processed frame by frame, this means every individual frame is scanned, saved and then later joined together digitally. This is a very important know and very crucial for high quality when converting 8mm to dvd
convert 8mm film to digital super 8 16mm film
Our Frame by Frame transfer process is done using a Professional grade unit which has many advantages to competitors. First, our equipment is made from the scratch and not just an old projector modified for film transfer which many of our competitors use. Our equipment uses rollers that feed the film by the edges only, never touching the emulsification of the film. This eliminates any possible scratches or damage to your film that other transfer equipment could cause. Another advantage is the cool bulb, our equipment uses a cool LED bulb which the film passes over. It’s never hot so there’s never any worry about your film burning from the heat of a hot bulb. Frame by Frame film conversion has many advantages, sharp images, high contrast, in focus for 100% of the frame and has No Flicker, No Hot Spots, No Halo, No chromatic aberration which are all common problems with conversion methods our competitors use. HD is not available on DVD so if you want HD, ask for a digital transfer to MP4 available in 1080 HD which come with the gold package!

Gold Service

We recommend the gold Service for your film transfer, the gold service takes the above frame by frame process another step further and makes additional corrections like Gamma, white balance and brightness adjustments for a better look or for color shifted film, we even flip the picture digitally if the reel was wound incorrectly. In addition, the gold optionally adds on screen titles to your film transfer* and places a chapter mark to play a specific reel of film from the DVD menu. Our Standard service is great but if you want the best possible look, go for the gold. Make sure you select the gold service when ordering.
*Screen titles only available if individual 50’ reels are labeled.

DVD Custom Made for Film Transfers

We use only Taiyo Yuden DVD’s, the best rated blank DVD, to burn your film transfer to DVD. To give your DVD a polished look, we print an actual still image from your film transfer to the DVD label. The label is printed directly on the DVD, no peel off labels are used as these could damage your DVD player. We build your Film DVD using a film theme for functionality and it looks good
esthetically. The main menu will display a 30 second preview window of your film and give you menu options to play your transferred film. You can choose either to play entire DVD or select the chapter menu showing a screen of 30 second previews from every 5 minutes of your film. If you use the gold service, the menu shows 30 second preview of each small reel transferred.

Your movie reels Converted in High Definition

For the highest quality film transfer, all 8mm Film is transferred as HD (High Definition 1080). DVD’s are SD (standard Definition), however the digital down convert leaves more pixels of film translating to a better looking film transfer. Although 8mm film and super 8 film is just slightly more than SD, HD make a big difference with the quality of the film transfer. This is because the dots of the film are scattered and would be missed if transferred with SD (Standard Definition). Down converting back to SD is still very high quality compared to a straight SD film transfer. If you would like to have the 720 HD file, we can save your HD film transfer to a hard drive or flash drive. Be sure to check off this option when completing the order form.

Every Standard Film Transfer Receives the following:

  Actual Image from Film Transfer
Convert 8mm Film to DVD 8mm film transfer to digital Super 8

  • Frame by Frame 8mm film to DVD and Super 8 Film to DVD Transfer.
  • High Quality 16mm Film Transfer Service
  • High Quality white Taio Yuden DVD for direct label printing.
  • Image from film transfer printed directly on DVD.
  • Chapters placed every 5 minutes (Each reel for gold service).
  • Main Menu & Chapter menu shows 30 second previews.
  • Plastic Case.
  • Film returned without harm.
  • Small film reels are combined to create large reels.
  • Music can be added free of charge.
  • Attention to detail! All processes are done with meticulous detail.

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